The inspiration for Numa Holistics’ products came from Saidah’s own life experiences with hair loss due to stress and neglect. After trying many products on the market and seeing that many of them contained harmful chemicals, she decided to create her own products.  After seeing remarkable results, she began using it on her son and gifted her recipe to family and friends. Having given out sample after sample, Saidah started receiving positive feedback and requests for more. 
Finding inspiration from her aunt who had recently passed, she chose to embrace her gift and new found business opportunity to help others. What started as a passion project to create a solution in her own life turned into a brand. Along the way she has found happiness and fulfillment by helping others through Nu’ma Holistic Products.

Massaging your hair with Nu'ma Holistic Chebe Hair Growth Serum

1.Strengthen hair roots
2.Naturally detangles
3. Repairs thinning and split ends

Highlights of the incredible oils we incorporated in this product.

✔ Hibiscus Oil🌺
- Prevent premature graying
✔ Castor Oil
- Has antibacterial and antifungal properties
✔ Avocado Oil
-Reduces dandruff and prevents breakage

Benefits: A head massage may help relieve stress and reduce tension.

"In the Caribbean, the popular terms are hibiscus or sorrel, as it is made from the hibiscus sabdariffa flower. "


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